Foreign Exchange (Forex) in a layman term is mainly the trading or exchange of different Currencies, like the currency of Nigeria, Naira in exchange for the U.S dollars; and being that the market is controlled by no one makes it an open and equal haven while trading

MEOTA is calling on the youths of Nigeria to embrace the opportunity which the Forex market have offered to the teeming population, while noting that the mass adoption of Forex Trading, with the “right” knowledge and mentor-ship could be the panacea to Poverty in Nigeria.

While making reference to the abuse of internet access by scammers. If the Yahoo boys (Cyber fraudsters) could be trained in Forex trading, it would pay them well as they will finally see the light and make proper use of the internet.

“Solving unemployment through FX market will be mainly through the transfer of knowledge because you need to particularly understand that FX is a skill-based business. It is not gambling and it has nothing to do with gambling.

“Getting FOREX Education will drastically reduce the incidents of internet fraud and cyber-crimes among youths of the country.

“Trading the Forex market is legitimate, the youths will earn their profit in dollars which they can withdraw anytime they feel like,” – says MEOTA C.E.O

MEOTA is also calling on both state and federal level of governance to introduce Forex training as a subject in high schools and as a major in the Universities.

“There is an array of experts in the field that can design the curricula and other necessary things to make Forex a course in higher institutions,”

Nigeria can reduce its level of unemployment and fight poverty if the potential in the foreign exchange (fx) market is fully explored, You can get started by visiting our Inquiry group, click HERE